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Leapfrog Strategy Consulting on Brand Repositioning – How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Amidst Clutter!

There is no escaping the reality that the brand and messaging environment is crowded and cluttered. In today’s era of choice and aggressive marketing, the consumer’s attention and mind space are difficult to attract and retain. It’s a simple fact that the consumer’s attention span and memory are far more limited when compared to the number of options that are fighting to enter.

Fragmented media and limited budgets put more pressure on marketers as every marketer feels he needs to achieve so much more  with “ less”. Ensuring brand impact, while simultaneously building brand equity is important. Brand managers know that, and so the continuous effort to think of ways to stand out, to be seen and heard.

Are there any proven ways for a brand to stand out amidst the plethora of brands in the category and outside ?  Here are some to consider :

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