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A Series of Semiotics Articles on Brand Positioning and Equity

Hamsini Shivakumar, Leapfrog Strategy prinicpal, has written a number of articles for Semionaut. This PDF document collects some of the more notable pieces. Click to view/download the PDF.

Leapfrog Strategy Consulting on Cultural Semiotics – Engage with Women as Women First and Then as Consumers

We live in a media dominated environment that is a strong force shaping society and culture. Advertisers/marketers need to keep their brands relevant and that means they need to engage with popular culture as being shaped by the larger media environment. They need to use contemporary language, concepts, meanings and symbolism  to structure their brand… more >

An Article on Cultural Semiotics – Insight, Cultural Diversity, Revolutionary Change

Well established academically across the human sciences, semiotics has recently achieved mainstream recognition and use in consumer insight and marketing consultancy. Some major client corporations such as P&G and Unilever, using tried and tested suppliers, have achieved considerable success in applying the methodology globally. This paper traces the growth of semiotics as a cultural insight… more >

A Case Study on Brand Strategy & Identity – Uncovering Hidden Codes of Contemporary Masculinity for Men’s Apparel

One of the key challenges identified for the brand was to enhance it’s connect with the metro youth audience. We decided to carry out a Semiotic Study of Contemporary Masculinity to identify forward looking cultural insights that the brand could leverage in communication. In this study, we merged the cultural and communication insights from Semiotics… more >

A Case Study on Cultural Semiotics – Finding Fresh Angles Into India’s Youth Culture

Given India’s demographics, youth culture and youth insights are a year-round search for almost all major brands in India – all vying for the attention of this promising segment. This is, therefore  a heavily ‘researched’ area via conventional qualitative research and creative qualitative research. Recognising that most companies employ similar approaches to insight generation and… more >

Cultural Semiotics and Your Brand’s Positioning

You know you have to keep an eye on the market for new competitors and existing products making improvements, but it’s every bit as important to keep pace with ever-changing cultural norms. Using cultural semiotics, Leapfrog maps a category’s cultural territory and helps you understand your brand’s place within that territory. With an understanding of… more >