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Through its two-way rating system, Uber creates signs for both passengers and drivers.

By Rasika Batra In “The Circle”, protagonist Mae Holland says “I am better behaved when people are watching me”. This made me think of the possible ways in which our everyday behaviour is influenced by the people watching and evaluating us, so to speak. And also, how this evaluation manifests as audio and visual signs…. more >


Words and images must work in tandem to deliver the message in an ad. Theprogressive proposition in the ad being discussed here puts women in the driver’s seat by empowering them to build and own their social network. The carefully selected signs work silently to establish the context in which meaning is meant to be… more >

Price Signalling: A Fine Balancing Act of Interpretation

Recently, I repeat watched a stand-up comedy episode by Deepika Mhatre, who works as a maid in Mumbai, who also tried her hand at stand-up comedy.  Through several of her stories, she highlights the way price acts as a social signal and a quality signal in her day to day experience. What does the episode… more >

Three Reasons to call a Semiotician and buy a piece of Semiotic Research.

I had a conversation recently with the head of CMI of a large Indian corporate, who had bought a piece of semiotics research a while ago.  We were discussing semiotics vs. the qual and quant research that he is so used to buying all the time.  That’s when I realized, to be honest, that he… more >

A Case Study on Design Semiotics – Creating a New Brand Language For an Established Brand

A 100 year old corporate brand needed to reinvent itself for the new millennium and the new generation of consumers.  It had a specific brand promise and a new logo as carriers of the revamped brand.  The challenge was to “own” the new brand promise in consumers’ minds with new symbolic codes and signifiers embedded… more >

Design Semiotics and Creating Equity in Your Brand

Design defines your brand more immediately and viscerally than verbal communications. Design appeals to consumers at an instinctive and emotional level. Your brand story will always be stronger with a well-crafted visual design to support it. Design semiotics enables your brand to create a distinctive personality for itself by creating signs and signifiers that draw… more >