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A Case Study on Brand Identity – Aam Aadmi Party’s success

The Aam aadmi Party has, via its recent win in Delhi,staged a spectacular debut on the Indian political scene. Ousting from power the ruling Congress Party and the three time Delhi Chief Minister , how did the AAP, a relatively new, under resourced and inexperienced player build itself and succeed as a “challenger brand?” What… more >

Leapfrog Strategy Consulting on Brand Identity – Can “Brand” Tehelka survive the public falling from grace of Tarun Tejpal?

An often asked question in these days of celebrity brands and sponsorships is whether scandals attached to celebrities will destroy their sheen of glamour and whether this will damage the brands that they endorse or are associated with.  If their personalities are more strongly associated by the public with negative traits than positive traits, then… more >

A Leapfrog Strategy Consulting blog post about brand identity & equity: “The Brand as a Tool in Business Transformations.”

Many large corporate houses in India are engaged in a process of re-engineering themselves to grow to the next level.  Ambitious growth rates are seen as an imperative and businesses are being re-imagined and re-designed.  Geographic expansion into new territories is actively pursued. Click to read more: The Brand as a Tool in Business Transformation (Blog… more >

Leapfrog Strategy Consulting on Brand Repositioning – How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Amidst Clutter!

There is no escaping the reality that the brand and messaging environment is crowded and cluttered. In today’s era of choice and aggressive marketing, the consumer’s attention and mind space are difficult to attract and retain. It’s a simple fact that the consumer’s attention span and memory are far more limited when compared to the… more >

A Leapfrog Strategy Consulting Blog on Brand Repositioning & India Entry Strategy: Want to Market Valentine’s Day? Here’s How

Valentine’s Day is becoming established in India as a day of celebration in the calendar represents a triumph of marketing.  It all began almost two decades ago, when a couple of youth brands such as Archies decided to promote gifting on Valentine’s Day as a ‘must do’ activity for young couples in love and the… more >

Leapfrog Strategy Consulting on Brand Equity and Identity – Brand Ambassadors on Pack – Smart Strategy?

Some brands have started featuring their Brand Ambassador on their packaging as well.  Luxor Nano-Clean, the new specialty clean and care brand features Amitabh Bachchan; Sunfeast biscuits used Shah Rukh Khan during the period when he was Brand Ambassador and Luminous Inverters showcases their brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar on their pack. Does this make sense… more >

Leapfrog Strategy Consulting on Brand Equity – IPL and the Spot Fixing Scandal: How will the Brand be Impacted?

Many pundits have weighed in on this question – some have taken a pricing view of the brand and said that sponsors and advertisers won’t pull out because of the scandal and the investigation.  So the brand is safe.  Others have said its image and brand equity may be a bit tarnished but hey, this… more >

A Leapfrog Strategy Consulting blog post about brand identity & equity: “The Four Notes of Luxury Marketing.”

Marketers of luxury have four notes at their command, to play music with their consumers – product, service, experience and brand. To attract and retain high net worth consumers, get greater share of their wallet and to convert them into loyalists, fans and advocates is an ongoing challenge. In a competitive luxury market place, marketers… more >

An Article on Brand Repositioning and Equity – The 10 Rules for Brand Building in India

Rule 1: Adapt to Indian culture Rule 2: Innovate for India Rule 3: Offer value – substance + style Rule 4: Offer a range of affordable price points Rule 5: Celebrities work Rule 6: Project a Youthful attitude Rule 7: Be consistent – stay up-to-date Rule 8: Use TV+ print, supplement with digital Rule 9:… more >

An Article on Brand Repositioning and Equity – Building Brand Power in Emerging Middle Classes

The indian middle classes, numbering more than 400 million people, are a large consumer force who are now solidly engaged in gaining upward mobility. This is true perhaps of the middle classes in many emerging countries, especially in the BRIC countries. Click to read more: Building Brand Power in Emerging Middle Classes (PDF) (Note: You must scroll to the… more >