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A Case Study on Brand Equity – Brand Architecture and Positioning for a leading credit card issuer

A leading credit card issuer wanted to target and own two emerging and profitable consumer segments. They were looking to define compelling propositions in order to own the identified segments as well as identify priority customer experience touch points and improvement opportunities required to deliver differentiated product and service opportunities for both the segments. Using… more >

A Case Study on Brand Architecture – Future-Ready Brand Portfolio and Architecture For Apparel Brand

The brand leader in men’s fabric and apparel, with multiple brands catering to different product-price segments of the market, needed to rationalize its portfolio to drive value creation. The key challenge was to keep a future perspective while deciding which brands in the portfolio would drive future growth and profitability and therefore proposing a new… more >

Brand Architecture – Creating Your Brand’s Identity

Too often, the pursuit of growth leads to a proliferation of brands and tangled, poorly defined relationships amongst the brands in a portfolio. The growth you seek is then stunted by the confusion you’ve created in your consumers’ minds. The challenge in creating a strong brand architecture is identifying the core values beneath your brand… more >