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A Leapfrog Strategy Consulting Blog on Brand Repositioning & India Entry Strategy: Want to Market Valentine’s Day? Here’s How

Valentine’s Day is becoming established in India as a day of celebration in the calendar represents a triumph of marketing.  It all began almost two decades ago, when a couple of youth brands such as Archies decided to promote gifting on Valentine’s Day as a ‘must do’ activity for young couples in love and the… more >

Leapfrog Strategy Consulting on Brand Equity – IPL and the Spot Fixing Scandal: How will the Brand be Impacted?

Many pundits have weighed in on this question – some have taken a pricing view of the brand and said that sponsors and advertisers won’t pull out because of the scandal and the investigation.  So the brand is safe.  Others have said its image and brand equity may be a bit tarnished but hey, this… more >

A Leapfrog Strategy Consulting blog post about brand identity & equity: “The Four Notes of Luxury Marketing.”

Marketers of luxury have four notes at their command, to play music with their consumers – product, service, experience and brand. To attract and retain high net worth consumers, get greater share of their wallet and to convert them into loyalists, fans and advocates is an ongoing challenge. In a competitive luxury market place, marketers… more >

An Article on Brand Repositioning and Equity – The 10 Rules for Brand Building in India

Rule 1: Adapt to Indian culture Rule 2: Innovate for India Rule 3: Offer value – substance + style Rule 4: Offer a range of affordable price points Rule 5: Celebrities work Rule 6: Project a Youthful attitude Rule 7: Be consistent – stay up-to-date Rule 8: Use TV+ print, supplement with digital Rule 9:… more >

An Article on Brand Repositioning and Equity – Building Brand Power in Emerging Middle Classes

The indian middle classes, numbering more than 400 million people, are a large consumer force who are now solidly engaged in gaining upward mobility. This is true perhaps of the middle classes in many emerging countries, especially in the BRIC countries. Click to read more: Building Brand Power in Emerging Middle Classes (PDF) (Note: You must scroll to the… more >

An Article on Brand Repositioning and Equity – Six Deadly traps for Global Branding and Advertising

The challenge for global brands is to be internationally consistent while at the same time being locally responsive. The example given here will be familiar to many, illustrating the most common problems that undermine this balancing act. Hamsini Shivakumar analyses these problems and describes ways in which companies can create the right culture, tools and processes to get the… more >

An Article on Brand Repositioning – Managing Global Brand Advertising

The key challenge for global brand positioning and communication is to motivate consumers around the world, evoking the same mental picture or image of the brand. The question that global brand teams grapple with is, of course, whether ‘same’ means identical, quite similar or a bit similar. Click to read more: Managing Global Brand Advertising (PDF)

A Case Study on Brand Repositioning – Breakthrough Repositioning For a Specialist Laundry Brand

The specialist brand was growing, but the challenge was to stimulate accelerated sales via consumer relevance building and regular usage (v/s infrequent use for special occasions/ clothes). The brand team wanted to arrive at exciting insights and positioning concepts which could create the needed relevance and give the brand a strong platform for growth. Knowing… more >

An Article on Brand Repositioning – Insight Mining For a New Contraceptive

After a successful launch, a brand of emergency contraceptive was staring at flat sales and almost negligible growth. The client was looking for a brand repositioning and the creative agency needed to find a fresh, powerful insight on the basis of which the brand could be repositioned and re-ignite brand  growth. The task was particularly… more >

Brand (Re) Positioning and Your Brand’s Equity

The boundaries between markets and categories have broken down in ways a previous generation of marketers would never recognize. Computer manufacturers sell phones, car manufacturers profit from their financing divisions, magazine publishers launch cable TV channels. Consumers no longer fit neatly into boxes, either, and brands must re-orient themselves to remain competitive within these new… more >