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Do English and Hindi words refer to the same thing?

If we compare the two compound words, Demonetisation and Note Bandi, are we referring to the same thing?  According to the dictionary, yes.They both refer to the act of revoking the value of currency, thereby rendering it an unacceptable medium of exchange. And yet, in their connotations and the image that they each evoke, they… more >

Will Starbucks Win in India?

Starbucks has now been in India about 18 months, with 36 stores across 4 cities, including Bangalore, the home ground of the category leader, Coffee Café Day. By most reports on the Starbucks entry, it seems to have got off to a good start. Tata Starbucks CEO, Ms. Avani Davda has stated that they have… more >

Leapfrog Strategy Consulting’s Blog on India Entry Strategy: US based SME’s planning an India Entry: Top 3 watch-outs

India remains a prime business destination and companies big and small want to have a piece of the pie. It is well known that entering the India market is not easy. Most US based companies would know that an India entry necessitates “ doing things differently “ but what must be done differently and would… more >

A Case Study on Entry Strategies for India – New Brand Development For a Leading Spanish Beer Entering India

Having finalized on a JV partner for the India entry, our client was looking to develop the new brand Positioning, Identity as well as Creative design for key mix elements. We followed a 3-stage development approach – seamlessly integrated so as to evolve a single, breakthrough solution for the client. Insight : Understanding the Beer… more >

A Case Study on Brand Repositioning – Re-Entry Strategy For a Personal Grooming Brand

The brand had been launched in India for about 9 months with limited success. In order to help power up sales, the brand team felt it was necessary to re-visit its growth strategy and re-define the key elements of brand positioning, brand essence and the identity. Getting to a differentiated and unique positioning for a… more >

India Market Entry Strategy and Brand Building

India is a large and growing market. It’s sheer size and pace of change make it a complex market to enter for international firms. Legal and regulatory environment Distribution ecosystem Cultural diversity Infrastructure inconsistencies Managing these complexities requires local market knowledge to complement the wider range of analytical and creative skills required of top flight… more >