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Paper Boat:  When do you drink nostalgia and innocence? Why the Path to Purchase Matters

  The Paper Boat brand is a darling of the business press, with business journalists writing lots of positive stories about the modern, cool brand which has shown a way to take the traditional drinks of India and make them relevant to today’s consumers.  It is also a favorite of brand and marketing strategists who… more >

Leapfrog on Brand Strategy- “Reader’s Digest & Lego: Legendary Brands in Search of New Customers”

Recently, newspapers screamed the fact that the Reader’s Digest’s USA operations had filed for bankruptcy.  At the same time, its Indian operations were continuing to grow in circulation and readership, both in the print and online versions. Click to read more: Reader’s Digest & Lego: Legendary Brands in Search of New Customers (Blog post will open… more >

An Article on New Product Development- Consumer Understanding for Innovation

A presentation to Microsoft India, 2010. Consumer Understanding for Innovation (PDF)  

An Article on New Product Development – India : The Innovation Journey

India : The Innovation Journey (PDF)

An Article on Brand Strategies – Growth Champions Tata & Airtel

A chapter on Tata & Airtel as Growth Champions, featured in the recently published book, Growth Champions by Innovation Guru Dr. Tim Jones. Today a good proportion of the world’s disruptive innovation is coming from  emerging markets where many companies are focused on exploiting the opportunities in high – growth markets and applying what has… more >

A Case Study on Brand Growth and Evolution – Brand Extension by a Leading Beverage Player

An established leader in the beverage category, our client wished to enter another product category assessed as having a high growth potential in India. Faced with significant consumer barriers to category growth, they needed to identify ways that could help ignite interest and re-consideration of the category and then define the most compelling positioning, imagery… more >

Leapfrog Case Study on Branding Strategies | White Space Identification For a Personal Care Brand

A leading FMCG company was looking to identify an opportunity to successfully compete in a highly crowded, over claimed and advertised category. They needed to identify potential ‘white spaces’ into which they could launch perceptibly different products with a strong positioning. Taking a non traditional approach to the issue, we used the Jobs-to-do methodology to… more >

A Case Study on New Product Development – Disruptive Product Innovation For a Leading Packaged Goods Player

A large packaged goods multinational company with leadership position in their core categories were looking to identify breakthrough, next generation product that would help consolidate their leadership position over the next 3-5 years. The project was initiated and led by the Global innovation unit at the company’s US headquarters and required Leapfrog to develop and… more >

Category Evolution: Market Dynamics and Brand Growth

The more things change … As tired a cliché as that may be, the almost impossible rate of change means that even successful brands are at risk. Innovation isn’t a “nice to have” afterthought or a way to pursue growth. It’s a must-have for brands seeking to leverage their positions and create enduring business strength…. more >

Brand Growth Strategy and Building Your Brand

Brand growth can come from the kind of inside-out thinking that focuses on incremental improvements to products and services. More often, though, breakthrough brand growth is achieved with outside-in thinking: fresh perspectives that lead to breakthrough opportunities. Great opportunities for incredible growth don’t present themselves everyday. For them to present themselves at all, though, you… more >